In Memoriam 2007


William Brumbaugh - Conductor - Path

Francis D. Tyler Jr. - Professional Engineer

John Curcuruto - Personnel Specialist

Peggy M. Spinelli - Principal Office Assistant, Aviation

Anthony J. Barber, Jr. - Director, TB&T

Kenneth E. Schwetje - Police Officer

James J. Stipo - Construction Inspector, EWR

Amos Ilan - Manager, Regional Economic Analysis Division

Ellen J. Carlock - Administrative Secretary, Technology Services Department

Alexander Keen - Police Officer

Eugene A. Harvey - Police Officer

Carl Creque - General Operations Supervisor, JFK

Joseph A. Szuderski - Operations Group Supervisor, LGA

Ernest A. Heidler - Police Officer

Stephan J. Wiener - Assistant Chief Mechanical Engineer, Engineering

Nadine Dicks - X-Ray Technician, Medical Services

Thomas L. Carney - Assistant Supervisor, Communications, PATH

Vitaliy Faybyshenko - Senior Auditor

James Francis Landrigan - Senior Audit Supervisor

Eugene T. Daly - PATH Car Inspector

Walter J. Cogan Sr. - Manager, Port Property Division

Henry Bud Moeller - Safety Supervisor

Dennis Vignola - Assistant Director, JFK Redevelopment Program

Al Bloch - Structural Engineer, Marine Terminals

George Zitt - PATH Car Inspector

Julio J. Negron - Senior Accounting Supervisor, Comptroller's Department

Marie Krzywicki - Mother of Pat Keleman - Port Authority Cashier

Joseph Napolitano - Senior Project Manager, Aviation

John F. Kane - Consulting Engineer

William (Bill) Beales - Structural Maintenance Mechanic, Semac

Charles L. Collen - Manager, Business Administration, LGA

Jose Prieto - Graphics Designer

Steven N. Wallace - PATH Car Inspector

Frances Shaw-Grant - Administrative Secretary, Engineering

John M. Malysz - Maintenance Forman, Engineering

Philip J. Reilly - Newark Airport Operations Manager

Robert Mutchko - Police Officer

Mary Carmel Aielli - Port Authority Special Services

Danny Luey - Port Authority Principal Engineer

Geraldine Warrick-Crisman - Port Authority Public Affairs

James A. Earley - Police & Airport Operations

Salvatore J. Testa - Port Authority Engineering

Walter M. Butkowsky - PATH Train Conductor

Fr. Charlie McTague (Fr. Charles) - Memorial Mass - February 6th - Stella Maris Chapel

Dan Sharon - Port Authority - Administrative Assistant

Jeanne Tozzoli - Wife of Anthony Tozzoli

John T. Vitale - Port Authority - Senior Engineer

Francis Carcich - Police Captain

Paul G. Nicholson - Memorial in The Record

Paul G. Nicholson - Port Authority - Assistant Chief Engineer of Construction

Joseph Whittaker - LGA - Maintenance Group Supervisor

George P. Quinn Jr. - Port Authority - Management Information Specialist

Sandra G. McCullough - Port Authority - Economic Development


This page is for the convenience of PA Retirees to allow them to stay informed about PA friends and family who are no longer with us.  I will not post an Obituary notice unless I am absolutely sure of its authenticity.  Due to the fact that many PA spouses have acquaintances among PA retiree and retiree spouses who would be interested in such notices I will post spousal memoriam notices of retirees if they are sent to me.  If you hear of a past or present employee or retiree that has passed please feel free to send me an e-mail with an Obituary advisory.......Webmaster

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