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In Napoli - Last Wednesday of the month Luncheon

Last Wednesday of the Month Luncheon - Newsletter
Please notify Tony Coppolecchia if you plan to attend
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Meets 12:00 noon the last Wednesday of every month, except in November and or December we may meet on the 3rd Wednesday.
**see explanation below**
In Napoli Restaurant - Website - Map
116 Main St
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
(201) 947-2500

Automotive Automotive Retirees - February, May, August and November on First Wednesday

Engineers' Engineers' Luncheon - Pompei Restaurant - 401 Hempstead Avenue, West Hempstead, NY

EWR Lunch EWR Retirees Lunch - Twice a year - 1st Wednesday in June and December

Florida Florida Retiree Luncheon - January & February on Last Wednesday

Florida-PAPD Florida PAPD Retiree Luncheon - Second Wednesday of Each Month

S/C Jersey South/Central Jersey Retiree Luncheon - January, April, July and October on Third Thursday

PATH Mondays First Monday of the month....No meeting July and August.....September meeting always 9/11

2000 Retirees 2000 Retirees Luncheon - Next Luncheon not scheduled (no set schedule)

October 2009 Photos from October 2009 Luncheon at In Napoli Restaurant

Farmingdale PAPD First Monday Lunch - 11:00am - 1:00pm - Farmingdale, NY

JFK Retires JFK Retirees do not meet on a regular schedule - Last meeting was October 13, 2013

Tony Coppolecchia be responsible for the publication and distribution of the LWM Newsletter.  Anyone wanting to get the LWM Newsletter Click here and send Tony your *name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.  Will also answer any questions regarding the luncheon; attendance, time, location, cost, etc.,

Please note, if you want the newsletter snail mailed we will ask you to contribute $15.00 for a 2-year subscription to help defray the cost of printing the newsletter and of course if you want the newsletter e-mailed there will be no charge.

**The November and December meetings are 'flexible' based on calendar and the Thanksgiving / Christmas holidays.  For example:  
 In 2010 only the November luncheon is switched to the 3rd Wednesday because the last Wednesday is the day before Thanksgiving.  However, the December luncheon will be on the last Wednesday because the last Wednesday is December 30 - 5 days after Christmas.  In 2011 all luncheons (including November and December) will be on the last Wednesday of the month.  The November luncheon will be on November 30 - 6 days after Thanksgiving.  The December luncheon will be on December 28 - 3 days after Christmas.

Click Here to read the history of the Last Wednesday of the Month Club.

Note: For those of you who may be interested I do not delete past copies of the LWM newsletter.  I do not have a link to get to them but if you are internet savvy all that's required is changing the year and the month on the internet address bar.  Contact me if you want to see past copies and cannot understand how to do it.

If you would like to post the time and place of your luncheon group, please let me know.  I know there are many more Luncheons such as Retirees from 2000, Automotive, EWR, JFK, PDD, etc.  Clicking on these names will show previous luncheons.  If the person setting up these Luncheon's contacts PARA we can help get the message out for your next luncheon...........Webmaster

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