retiree benefits

Benefits for PA Retirees

PARA wishes to thank the Port Authority Employee Benefits team for providing the information in the PARA - PA Benefits FAQ.

If you have any questions, please contact the Port Authority Employee Benefits unit located at:

Port Authority Employee Benefits
4 World Trade Center – 16th floor
150 Greenwich St.
New York, NY 10007

Telephone number: 212–435–2870

We recommend strongly that you email your question rather than calling. Why? It is more efficient for the PA to refer and/or handle your inquiry directly, and reduces the chances of incorrect information going back and forth.


Important Reminders Regarding Port Authority Benefits:

  • sign up for Medicare Part B when eligible at 65 or earlier due to SSA disability
  • send a copy of your Medicare card to HR department
  • the Medicare Cross-Over form is no longer needed (UHC is notified automatically)
  • WageWorks/Health Equity administers the Medicare Part B reimbursement for eligible retirees
  • MSK Direct is an exceptional benefit between the PA and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) - see for details.

Please refer to the Benefits FAQs for details about specific retiree benefits, forms, contact information and links.