in memoriam

In Memoriam - 2023

The Port Authority Retirees Association, Inc. (PARA) would like to recognize our former colleagues who have died, listed below, for their service and friendship over the years. We thank their families for allowing us a glimpse into their lives, and for the opportunity to honor them on these pages.

These obituaries are not comprehensive. They reflect notifications to PARA by the deceased’s family, friends and/or colleagues. If you have an obituary you would like to submit, please help us by including the deceased’s date of retirement, primary or last department/area where the deceased worked, length of service, any personal details typical of an obituary, and any direction for their remembrance. Submit this information by going to the Contact Us page and selecting "In Memoriam" in the Topics field.


Name Date of Retirement Date of Death Position
Richard Cravello   5/9/2023 Tunnels & Bridges Agent @ Lincoln Tunnel
Christina Mariano   May 2023 Daughter of Retired Detective Sergeant John Mariano
John O’Connor   4/11/2023 Police Officer PAPD
Frank J. Gryboski   3/9/2023 PAPD
Patrick E. Callahan   3/9/2023  
Richard “Rick” Palacio   3/8/2023 Visual Presentation Specialist
Thomas Anthony Cierzo   3/7/2023 Port Authority Police
Susan Roeder   3/4/2023  
Patricia B. Suliga   2/18/2023 Payroll
Irwin Bressler   2/18/2023 Comptrollers
Leonard Colasuonno 1992 2/15/2023 Police Officer PAPD JFK
Max Negrin   2/12/2023  
Keith Conway 2021 2/8/2023 Sergeant PAPD K9
William R. Hessemer 1995 1/29/2023 Machinist – Aviation
George Rossi 2/21/1996 1/18/2023 General Manager WTD
Leon Messina   1/17/2023 Engineering
George Krone   1/15/2023 Tunnels & Bridges Department
Michael Kirby   1/12/2023 PATH
Tom Carver   1/10/2023 Operations Manager & Assistant General Manager – Newark Airport
Robert Hall 1994 1/7/2023 Police Sergeant
Martin Esbin Early 1990s 1/5/2023 Traffic Engineering