in memoriam

In Memoriam - 2024

The Port Authority Retirees Association, Inc. (PARA) would like to recognize our former colleagues who have died, listed below, for their service and friendship over the years. We thank their families for allowing us a glimpse into their lives, and for the opportunity to honor them on these pages.

These obituaries are not comprehensive. They reflect notifications to PARA by the deceased’s family, friends and/or colleagues. If you have an obituary you would like to submit, please help us by including the deceased’s date of retirement, primary or last department/area where the deceased worked, length of service, any personal details typical of an obituary, and any direction for their remembrance. Submit this information by going to the Contact Us page and selecting "In Memoriam" in the Topics field.


Name Date of Retirement Date of Death Position
Melanie Marie Rodriguez   4/15/24 Executive Administrative Assistant
Dean E. Laumbach 1985 4/11/24 Police Captain LaGuardia Airport
Lillian Bergman Stockerl 8/01/2023 3/24  
Andrew Watts 12/15/1996 3/24  
Sandra Lake-Sims   3/24 Security Operations Department
Yusimil Un   3/24 Administrator Newark Airport
Jack C. Benigno   3/19/24 Electrician
Paul Podell   3/15/24 Audit Manager
Alfred Hammon   3/11/24 Port Department
Benajah “Butch” Price   3/03/24 General Maintainer Newark Airport
Rick Collins   2/25/24 Architect
Joseph J. Birgeles   2/21/24 Manager External Affairs
Ronald Albert Lucas   2/19/24 Electrician
Harry A. Meyer   2/15/24 Police Officer PAPD
Joseph A. Buckley   2/9/24 Structural Foreman PATH
Richard Kreppein 1992 2/9/24 Police Officer PAPD
John Eymer   2/1/24 Captain PAPD
William M Connell 1/04/1984 1/30/24 Administrator, Inspection and Safety
Carmelo (Mel) R. Gianino 2002 1/28/24 PATH Chief Labor Relations Officer
John Moran 1985 1/15/24 Utility Systems Maintainer, GWB & Bus Station
Vincent J. Ignizio   1/14/24 Chief Operation Supervisor Wall St. Heliport
Jordan A. Miller   1/10/24 Customer Service Rep TB&T
Richard Grant Johanson   1/8/24 Senior TBA
Gregory J. Urban   1/7/24 Environmental Engineer
Lawrence (Larry) Dechalus   1/4/24 TB&T Agent – PABT
Gary Piechota   1/24 Electrician LGA