in memoriam

In Memoriam - 2006

The Port Authority Retirees Association, Inc. (PARA) would like to recognize our former colleagues who have died, listed below, for their service and friendship over the years. We thank their families for allowing us a glimpse into their lives, and for the opportunity to honor them on these pages.

These obituaries are not comprehensive. They reflect notifications to PARA by the deceased’s family, friends and/or colleagues. If you have an obituary you would like to submit, please help us by including the deceased’s date of retirement, primary or last department/area where the deceased worked, length of service, any personal details typical of an obituary, and any direction for their remembrance. Submit this information by going to the Contact Us page and selecting "In Memoriam" in the Topics field.


Name Position
Robert Hatfield PATH Power Rail Maintainer
James B. Clifford Police Officer
Edward J. McNierney Port Authority Architectural Engineer
John P. Gaw Police Lieutenant
Robert Chludzinski Husband of Port Authority Employee Susan Chludzinski
Mary P. Muldoon Wife of Port Authority Retiree Jim Muldoon
Henry P. McAleer Port Authority Senior Engineer
Frederick Hurst Port Authority Analyst
John C. Orlando Police Officer
Kelly Robinson Toll Collector, Lincoln Tunnel
Saul Goldman  
Edward P. Kenney Port Authority Graphics Specialist
Joseph D'Aquilla Port Authority Auto Mechanic
Ruth M. Dowdell Secretary For Port Authority
Thomas R. Harz Manager, Technical Services Database Management
Chester B. Yaszczemski Police Sergeant
Barbara Ann Ruggiero Port Authority Executive Secretary
Redmond O'Hanlon Police Officer
Henry J. Magnoli Port Authority Engineer
Martha Ann Britton Tolls Supervisor, Holland Tunnel
Ivan Riley Lewis PATH Train Engineer
William O'Connell Jr. Vietnam Vet, Port Authority Engineer
Anthony Gross Computer Operations Support Specialist
James V. Mullarney Sr. Police Officer
Corinne McDonnell Marketing Communications Manager
Steven Vitale  
Aileen Louise Bush Port Authority Urban Planner