in memoriam

In Memoriam - 2009

The Port Authority Retirees Association, Inc. (PARA) would like to recognize our former colleagues who have died, listed below, for their service and friendship over the years. We thank their families for allowing us a glimpse into their lives, and for the opportunity to honor them on these pages.

These obituaries are not comprehensive. They reflect notifications to PARA by the deceased’s family, friends and/or colleagues. If you have an obituary you would like to submit, please help us by including the deceased’s date of retirement, primary or last department/area where the deceased worked, length of service, any personal details typical of an obituary, and any direction for their remembrance. Submit this information by going to the Contact Us page and selecting "In Memoriam" in the Topics field.


Name Position
Henry J. Nix Engineer
Adrienne D. Miles Management Development Instructor - HRD
Barbara LoMenzo Wife of Retiree Roger LoMenzo
Patrick J. Falvey General Counsel
Melba T. Boyles Police Officer
Thomas E. Coughlin Sr. Police Detective
Dolores Egizi Senior Timekeeper - GWB
Alfred Kozdeba Police Sergeant
Ludwig Wurzelmann Engineering
Joseph D. Reuter Engineering
Alfred Ceaser Jr. Maintenance Unit Supervisor - SIB
Andre LaRoche MEDD
Varoujan A. Dovletian Supervising Structural Engineer - Engineering
John A. Caggiano Manager Passenger Services - JFK
Alfred Lucien Riva Principal Administrative Assistant - Port Department
Jean H. Meyer Secretary - Engineering
Appolonia (Lona) Mayer Manager - Bistate Transportation Planning, Regional Development Dept.
Benjamin J. Lenihan Police Officer
Richard A. Mast Real Estate Engineer - Law
Clarence Tanksley Toll Collector - TB&T
Iris Flores Associate Financial Analyst - Engineering
William DeCota Director - Aviation
Joseph L. Sterbenz Manager - SIB
Vincent Albert Jodice Utility Systems Maintainer - GWB
David J. Broderick Police Officer - JFK
Richard Francis Thornton Manager - HR
George Dramko Staff Services Architect - Aviation
Brian Fitzsimmons Assistant Trainmaster - PATH
George R. Gaulrapp Police Captain - SIB
Louis M. Iorio Police Lieutenant
Ralph Amato Police officer - JFK
John S. Wilson Structural Designer
George N. McGuire Manager - EWR
James C. Carmelitano Manager - Truck Terminal
Richard F. Lohn Police Sergeant - SIB
Frank Joseph Borbotti Bridge Painter - SEMAC
Edmund Hughes Sr. Police Officer - EWR
Robert Beckhard Pat Beckhard's Husband
Charles Teator Mechanic - PATH
Salvatore Argila General Maintenance Supervisor - JFK
John Dragonette WTC Project Administrator - WTD
Dennis J. Carroll General Operations Supervisor - EWR
Paul George Chernesky Police Officer
Robert Spiak Electrician - GWB
Dan Hahn Assistant Chief Engineer for Design - Engineering
Michael Lydon Police Officer
Robert J. (Bunky) Johnson Operations Supervisor - JFK
Moira O'Reilly John O'Reilly's Wife
George Ernest Currlin Assistant Data Processing Supervisor - MIS
John Cortazzo Police Officer
John "Jack" Feeley Sr. Automotive Mechanic - GSD
Kathleen M. Grogan Supervisor Ground Transportation - EWR
Alan Skoglind Staff Services Engineer - Engineering
Philip C. Cheney Assistant Comptroller - Aviation
Michael Donald TBA - HT
Francis J. "Frank" McGrath Electrician - LT
Robert Jacaruso, Sr. Senior Architect - Aviation
Vincent J. Archibald Data Processing Supervisor - MISD
Aldur T. Johnson Financial Analyst - Rail Transportation Department
Kelsey A. Moffett Manager, Business Administration - JFK
Ronald B. Morgan Senior Airport Operations Agent - JFK
Frederick Buzzard Sr. Signal Supervisor - PATH
Robert B. Conneely Police Officer
Pete Ciano Capital Programs Manager - Interstate Transportation Department