in memoriam

In Memoriam - 2010

The Port Authority Retirees Association, Inc. (PARA) would like to recognize our former colleagues who have died, listed below, for their service and friendship over the years. We thank their families for allowing us a glimpse into their lives, and for the opportunity to honor them on these pages.

These obituaries are not comprehensive. They reflect notifications to PARA by the deceased’s family, friends and/or colleagues. If you have an obituary you would like to submit, please help us by including the deceased’s date of retirement, primary or last department/area where the deceased worked, length of service, any personal details typical of an obituary, and any direction for their remembrance. Submit this information by going to the Contact Us page and selecting "In Memoriam" in the Topics field.


Name Position
Charles Donald Desfosse Police Sergeant
Anne Adele Gioia Secretary - HT
John C. Vianna Conductor - PATH
James D. English Manager - Accounting
Mary Sumter Toll Collector - HT
Edmund Keppel Maintenance
Marvin Weiss Director - Purchasing
David Joseph Morris PA Chief Ops Supervisor - EWR
John J. Harrington Design Engineer - Engineering
Donald C. Baeder Finance
Andrew Litkey Civil Designer - Engineering
Robert A. Olmsted Engineering Consultant
Kenneth W. Tyburczy Conductor - PATH
Robert Comprelli Structural Maintenance Mechanic - SEMAC
Jack B. Abelman  
Michael M. Poliacof Engineer
Bernadette M. Foti Wife of Salvatore Foti
John G. Grosskopf Police Officer
Edward C. Gallas Personnel Director - HR
Anthony V. Amoruso Accountant - Audit
Robert Snowden Maintenance Supervisor - HT
James J. Tully Police Officer - GWB
Lawrence Martin Lukash  
Daniel Mullen Principal Systems designer - TSD
Harry Michael Yamka Police Officer & Fire Marshall - EWR
Jeremiah Brendan Riordan Accountant
Percival Lewis  
Arthur Daniel Pedersen Sr. Police Officer
Michael B. Zapantis Deputy Director - Procurement Department
Julia Sherry Toll Collector - LT
Glenda Dietz Senior Architect - Engineering
Yvonne S. Six Tolls Supervisor - LT
James Joseph Ruby Police Officer - PABT
Morris Sloane Director of Aviation Operations
Yun Shang Hsieh Civil Engineer - Engineering
Mario R. Solis Structural Maintainer - PATH
Michael J. Lynch Supervisor Absence Control - Office of Medical Services - HRD
Robert A. Hauslen Assistant Manager - Research Division - TB&T
Anthony Romanchuk Jr. Assistant Chief of Terminal Services - EWR
Joseph J. Windisch Economist - Aviation
Dorothy Dublin Administrative Secretary - Port Department
Dominick J. Capuano Maintenance Supervisor - Sign Shop
John M. Sweeney Train Conductor - PATH
Edmund Wallace Engineering
Thomas W. Furlong Supervisor Data Processing
Thomas M. Kennedy Manager Financial Services - Interstate Transportation