in memoriam

In Memory of Michael Kirby

January 12, 2023


Mike Kirby began his career at PATH on March 13, 1963, shortly after completing service in the United States Army.  He was hired as a Station Agent/ Gateman/ Elevator Operator. In October 1965, Mike was promoted to Train Clerk in the

Transportation Division and shortly after to the position of Tower Operator.  In October 1968, He began training as a PATH Motorman.  A position now referred to as Train Engineer.  Mike held that title until he promoted into the supervisory position of Train Dispatcher Terminal Supervisor in August 1970.

A month later in 1970, Mike entered PATH Management as an Operations Examiner.   In 1978 he became an Assistant Trainmaster.  Then promoted in May 1981 to Chief Operations Examiner. Later, Mike accepted assignment as Yardmaster at Harrison Yard in 1992, until his retirement on May 15, 1999.

From time to time as a management employee, Mike worked on various analytical projects in the Transportation Division Office. For his support, he received commendation letters from Richard Kelly, Director of Interstate Transportation Department. Francis Gorman, PATH Vice President. Michael Scott, PATH Assistant General Superintendent. And Transportation Division Superintendents.  Mike was also recognized for his many years representing PATH at Passenger Advisory Group meetings.

After his retirement from PATH, Mike was later hired by Yonkers Construction in 2001. Because of his extensive knowledge of PATH, he provided support as liaison to the Port Authority and PATH during reconstruction of the PATH Temporary and Permanent WTC Station.  Mike worked with Yonkers until 2015