in memoriam

In Memory of Harry B. Meyer

February 15, 2024


On February 15th, 2024, Harry B. Meyer Jr., a devoted husband, father, and grandfather, passed away on his 87th birthday. His journey was one of resilience, service, and unwavering love for his family.

Early Years and Military Service: Harry was born in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, where he learned the values of hard work and compassion. He attended Christian Brothers Academy, shaping his character and sense of duty. Harry's commitment extended to his service in the U.S. Army as a military police officer in Germany, where he exemplified honor and dedication.

A Life of Service: Harry's heart was as big as his smile. He worked as a police officer at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, ensuring the safety and efficiency of transportation systems. As a volunteer firefighter for the East Keansburg Fire Department in Middletown, New Jersey, he fearlessly protected his community.

Wanderlust and Adventure: In his later years, Harry's spirit soared as he drove tour buses across the country. From the majestic Grand Old Opry to the serene coastlines of Florida, he marveled at the beauty of America. His eyes sparkled with wonder as he shared stories of his adventures on the road.

Family First: Harry's greatest joy came from his seven children. He poured his heart into their well-being, teaching them resilience, kindness, and the importance of family bonds. His legacy lives on through them, as they carry forward his love and wisdom.

A Loving Husband and Grandfather: Harry was predeceased by his beloved wife, Cathy Meyer, and their daughter Judy. His grandson Ronnie Ganley's memory remains etched in his heart. Harry cherished the moments spent with his in-laws, Thomas and Lillian Fleming, and his brother-in-law Thomas Fleming. He was predeceased by his parents Harry and Anna Meyer and his siblings John "Jack" Meyer and Eileen Meyer.

A Proud Patriarch: Harry leaves behind a legacy of love. His children-Harry and Lorraine Meyer, Veronica and Michael Ryan, Katie and Brian Minnuies, Karen Slagle, Richard Meyer, and Thomas Meyer-carry his spirit forward. Sixteen grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren celebrate his life, each a testament to his enduring impact. His grandchildren: Judy Zinzi of Knoxville Tn, Joseph and Amber Martinez of Athens Tn, Anthony Martinez Chattanooga Tn, Harrison and Robyn Meyer Hawthorne Fl, AJay Biesiada of Florida, Catlin Biesiada and Michael Rivera of Jacksonville, Fl, Rebecca Hattendorf of Michigan, George Bogner of Ocala, Florida, Antoinette Meyer, Steven Meyer of Gainesville, Fl, Justin Meyer of New York, Michael Ryan of Colorado Springs, CO, Cameron Ryan of Gainesville, Fl, Cassie Minnuies of Ocala FL, Brian Minnuies of Ocala FL and Adam Duncan of Ocala FL. His great-grandchildren: Timothy Zinzi, Emily Zinzi, Ryan Zinzi, Claire Meyer, Aizen Biesiada, Fin Ganley, Matthew Ganley, Marley Hughes, Ava Hughes, and Leia Rivera. Harry is survived by his brother and sisters; William and Isabell Fleming of Cliffwood Beach NJ and Carol Fleming of Texas.

In Memoriam: Harry's laughter, wisdom, and kindness will echo through generations. As we bid farewell to this remarkable man, we honor his legacy by embracing family, adventure, and the simple joys of life.

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die." – Thomas Campbell