in memoriam

In Memory of Sandra Lake-Sims

March 2024


Sandra Lake-Sims
Her friends at the Port Authority were saddened to learn of the passing of Sandra Lake-Sims, whose almost 7 years with the agency included work in two important areas on the customer service front lines. Sandra joined the Port Authority on May 19, 2017, as a Toll Collector in the Tunnels, Bridges & Terminals Department (TB&T). She worked as a Toll Collector at the Lincoln Tunnel. As the agency moved to all-electronic tolling at its crossings, Sandra moved from customer service to safety and security by accepting a reassignment to the Holland Tunnel in July 2022 as a Security Guard, before transferring to a similar role within the Security Operations Department (SOD) in August 2022. Sandra is survived by her siblings, Kevin and Melvina Lake, and her daughter CharNae. Both the TB&T and SOD teams mourn the loss of their colleague and friend Sandra, and ask that the entire Port Authority family join them in remembering her.